Impulse buying

Jane’s ADHD story

Jane had never been able to manage her finances very well. When she had an idea about something she wanted to do, or something she wanted to buy, it took on such an intense urgency that she felt she had to have it NOW, regardless of cost or budget.

It seemed impossible to think logically about how affordable it was or how impractical it might be for herself or others around her. She was unable to prioritise the use of her time and money and take into account activities and expenses she already had committed to. She felt a constant drive to pursue new ideas and buy whatever the latest thing was that she wanted.

Yet as soon as she had it, after hours, sometimes days, it did not feel exciting at all. She might soon be off on the next project and pursuing a never ending cycle of purchase and dissatisfaction. It was making her stressed and depressed and making those around her unhappy, worried and disappointed.

ADHD stories

We have heard hundreds of people describing how their lives have been affected by undiagnosed ADHD. Some of these real life stories, but not real names or images, are shared here.

Typical ADHD Symptoms

ADHD presents in many different ways. It is characterized by three main groups of behavior traits and a range of typical additional behaviours within these.

About Adult ADHD Clinic

Dr Cubbin’s passion for ADHD has been developed in response to the growing understanding that this condition has been misunderstood, ignored and under-represented for too long.

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If you find the information in our site useful and feel that you would benefit from a full ADHD assessment, we would be delighted to consider booking an appointment for you at one of our clinics. Please click here for more information.


Dr Cubbin is an expert in the field of adult ADHD, highly knowledgeable, warm, understanding, deeply considerate and she listens with all her heart. It is not an exaggeration to say my life changed for the better even during the assessment. I have never felt so well understood or excited about the prospect of getting back on track with my life and working towards fulfilling my true potential.

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