Too many points

Richard’s ADHD story

Richard loved driving and found it exciting, however, he really struggled to stick to the speed limit. He would get impatient with slow drivers, feel that cyclists had no right to slow him down and would often feel angry and would curse other road users.

He got bored quickly on the road and had a constant habit of doing other things whilst driving, such as fiddling with his mobile phone. He had already had an accident, had points for speeding and more points for going though a red light. He was really struggling to slow himself down. His tendency to be late exacerbated this as he was always behind schedule and in a rush.

ADHD stories

We have heard hundreds of people describing how their lives have been affected by undiagnosed ADHD. Some of these real life stories, but not real names or images, are shared here.

Typical ADHD Symptoms

ADHD presents in many different ways. It is characterized by three main groups of behavior traits and a range of typical additional behaviours within these.

About Adult ADHD Clinic

Dr Cubbin’s passion for ADHD has been developed in response to the growing understanding that this condition has been misunderstood, ignored and under-represented for too long.

How to book an assessment or appointment

If you find the information in our site useful and feel that you would benefit from a full ADHD assessment, we would be delighted to consider booking an appointment for you at one of our clinics. Please click here for more information.


I warmed to Dr Cubbin immediately, her radiant smile and manner put me at my ease. I just knew I could trust her and so I opened up more which gave her additional background material with which to work – I found her non-judgemental, thorough and deeply caring.

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