Gillian Shakespeare

ADHD Coach, Dip Ed, MA, MFA

With two ADHD children, Gillian's later-life diagnosis makes her an ADHD “expert by experience,” and equips her with a unique understanding of the many different ways that ADHD impacts individuals. This empathy forms the foundation of the coaching strategy she is evolving under the direction of Dr Sally Cubbin, as she supports her clients to understand their unique brain wiring and its effects on learning, working, relating, and functioning. By identifying strengths and exploring areas most affected by ADHD symptoms, she helps clients develop a tool kit for executive functioning (managing time, paying attention, planning, organising) and emotional regulation (helping to control rollercoaster emotions). She is knowledgeable about medication and while not a prescriber, is open to discussing the treatment plans you have made with Dr Cubbin if you want to share these and discuss further.

In Gillian’s words ‘ADHD coaching is not about curing or fixing you. It’s about helping you to make some changes, stay consistent, and be accountable. The goal is to align your actions with your goals and values. The process puts you at the centre, recognising that you're the expert in your own life.’

‘With coaching, my hope is to improve your life, make it even just a little easier and happier by empowering you to use your strengths to manage ADHD better.’

And as the ADHD psychologist Ari Tuckman says in his book with the same title, it's all about "More Attention and Less Deficit."

She has a particular interest in how ADHD is experienced by women through their lifespan and the impact of hormonal fluctuations on ADHD symptoms. With Dr Cubbin, Gillian is currently co-authoring a book about ADHD and Women (Little Brown, 2024).

She is also the author and illustrator of over 30 books for children and adults. She has an MA in English Literature from McGill University, an MFA in Creative Writing from Irvine, California and is a qualified secondary-school teacher who has taught at universities and colleges in five countries.

Gillian Shakespeare, ADHD Coach

About ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching aims to target your most impairing symptoms and develop strategies and skills for planning, organising, and moving forward.

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Lucia P. - age 21, student

"Having struggled with undiagnosed ADHD for many years, I always felt as if I had toput in more effort than my peers. My struggles with time management, priorities, and procrastination started to make sense when Gillian became my coach. It was comforting to learn that many of my symptoms were shared by other people with ADHD. When beginning my session with Gillian, I felt a huge weight lifted off me. For the first time, I could discuss my experiences with someone who knew exactly what I was talking about. I felt listened to, understood and completely unjudged.

Speaking to Gillian made me feel less alone and made me feel like I finally had support and guidance in navigating my own ADHD journey. I was overwhelmed while writing my thesis. Gillian helped me set daily targets. We worked out an achievable schedule that included a balance of work, meals, exercise, and sleep. I checked in regularly, which made me more accountable. She was supportive when I didn't meet my target, allowing me to open up, explain my thoughts, and re-visit my strategies. It made me much more aware of my ADHD tendencies.

Gillian has also educated me on the scientific and factual side of ADHD, as well as how this correlates with my own behaviour. In doing so, I have been reassured by Gillian that my different way of thinking and the struggles that come with it are, in fact, something I can manage and deal with. Working with Gillian has been life-changing through understanding more about ADHD and learning how to implement daily structure into my once overwhelming and chaotic life".

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