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Professional recognition and understanding of adult ADHD as a specific mental health disorder, is growing. As more detailed, published academic research becomes available and as more evidence emerges relating to the impact of adult ADHD on patients, their families and wider communities, the more General Practitioners and other Healthcare Professionals seek to understand and engage with effective treatment strategies for the condition.

Supporting Healthcare Professionals to grow their understanding and knowledge

We are committed to supporting General Practitioners and the wider Healthcare Professional community to gain full and detailed understanding of adult ADHD, it’s complex indicators and affects and its treatment strategies.

Until recently, adult ADHD was not considered by some professionals as a specific mental health condition in its own right and so, if it was considered at all, it was often not considered worthy of serious, professional psychiatric treatment. In some quarters, this is still the case.

The symptoms of adult ADHD are often confused with the symptoms of other mental health disorders, notably Personality Disorder, Bipolar Affective Disorder, Depression and Anxiety. In some cases both ADHD and one or more of these disorders may be present. Substance and alcohol abuse is also common in patients with ADHD and often the difficulties are blamed on this and an additional diagnosis of ADHD is not considered. In many cases, this has led to mis-diagnosis or no additional diagnosis of ADHD, with the resultant loss of effective and lasting treatment.

Although a patient may have co-morbidity, i.e. an additional mental health disorder, it is increasingly acknowledged that ADHD requires very specific evaluation and treatment in it’s own right. By inference, the correct identification of ADHD in a patient, within complex mental health issues, complex personal and social circumstances and histories; and a lack of professional recognition, can be a challenge.

We have established this ADHD service to provide the highest levels of professional information, evaluation and treatment that is now increasingly recognised as being necessary and beneficial to both patients, Healthcare Professionals and the wider community.

About Adult ADHD Clinic?

Dr Cubbin’s passion for ADHD has been developed in response to the growing understanding that this condition has been misunderstood, ignored and under-represented for too long.

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For all professional enquiries relating to talks, events, research information or patient referrals please call 0845 5280 898 or email

For patient referrals, we will provide our secure address on request.

Peer-to-peer talks, presentations and ADHD information share

Adult ADHD Clinic, through Dr Sally Cubbin, regularly delivers face-to-face knowledge share, ADHD information and best practice strategies to General Practitioners and other Healthcare professionals throughout the UK. 

Published academic research, evidence based information and reference material

Adult ADHD Clinic aims to provide reference material for Healthcare Professionals and interested patients to build on their knowledge and to support greater evidential understanding of adult ADHD as a specific mental health condition.

The highest quality of patient evaluation, screening, treatment and care

Adult ADHD Clinic is primarily a dedicated, expert, psychiatry-based front line healthcare service. We ensure that people who are referred by their GP’s are seen well within NHS and most other private providers appointment waiting times. 

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