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Adult ADHD Clinic also recommends the following consultants.

Dr James Stallard, MBBS MSc MRCPsych

Dr Stallard is a Consultant Psychiatrist with 25 years experience in general adult psychiatry working both in the NHS and private sectors. Dr Stallard strives to provide friendly, patient centred care for everyone he sees.


Dr Stallard graduated from Charing Cross and Westminster medical school in 1993. He trained in psychiatry in the West London psychiatric training scheme, becoming a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1998. He completed his MSc in psychiatry and psychiatric research in 1999.


Dr Stallard’s first Consultant Psychiatrist post was with the West End Community Mental Health Team in central London. He moved out of London in 2005 taking up a post first in the community in Dorset and subsequently as Consultant Psychiatrist at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital where he set up and lead a team providing mental health care for patients at the General Hospital. Dr Stallard left the NHS in 2019 to work full time in the private sector. He currently works at The Priory Hospital Southampton.


As well as expertise in general psychiatry, Dr Stallard has special interests in the treatment the assessment and treatment of ADHD in adults and also in addictions. Dr Stallard has provided treatment for people with ADHD throughout his career. He has worked treating ADHD in adults alongside Dr Cubbin since March 2020. Dr Stallard’s work in Adult ADHD currently takes up around 50% of his clinical time.

Dr James Stallard Adult ADHD Consultant

Dr Jessica Gibson, MRCPsych MBBS MA (Oxon) BA Hons

Jessica is a caring and highly qualified Consultant Psychiatrist. She has over 20 years experience and is passionate about mental health in adults. She believes in helping people achieve their full potential and manage their illness using a holistic model. She has special expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of disorders including: adult ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and substance misuse. She currently works as the Clinical Lead for the Oxfordshire NHS ADHD service, as well as in the private sector. She likes to work closely with experts in psy-chology and psychotherapy and will make referrals when appropriate to highly qualified colleagues.

Jessica also worked as the Research Psychiatrist (University of Oxford) for a treatment trial in bi-polar disorder. She has a number of publications in leading journals in the areas of mood disorder and perinatal psychiatry. She has been the local Principal Investigator for two national research studies.

Jessica enjoys teaching and holds a number of roles. She is an examiner for the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and the Regional Representative for the Perinatal Section of the College. She also gives seminars on the academic programme for Psychiatry Registrars in Oxford, and teaches Ox-ford University medical students.

Jessica completed her Medical training at King’s College London, and trained in Psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital London and the Oxford Deanery. Prior to studying Medicine, she completed a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Magdalen College, Oxford.

Jessica has two children and enjoys spending her free time with them and their dog. She is active and has a regular yoga practice as well as enjoying hiking, skiing and good food.

Dr Jessica Gibson Adult ADHD Consultant

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Dr Cubbin’s passion for ADHD has been developed in response to the growing understanding that this condition has been misunderstood, ignored and under-represented for too long.

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I have never felt so well understood or excited about the prospect of getting back on track with my life and working towards fulfilling my true potential.

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