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We recognise that concerns over any aspect of mental health can be daunting and even frightening for individuals and their families. 

We take great care to ensure that our patients and everyone concerned for them are treated sensitively and are fully included in, and informed about, our assessments, diagnosis and treatment recommendations. But don’t take our word for it.

Before deciding to get in touch you may wish to look at reviews written by other users of Adult ADHD Clinic.

ADHD treatment expectations - Initial meeting and assessment

At Adult ADHD Clinic, an ADHD assessment is thorough and can take up to three hours. Some of this time is for a patient to have a one to one conversation with Dr Cubbin and some is ideally spent talking with, in person or by telephone, someone who knew the patient well as a child, say a parent or sibling, to obtain a childhood history of potential symptoms.

Ideally Dr Cubbin also likes to talk to someone who knows the patient well now, as this also provides useful information. Dr Cubbin also analyses old school reports, where available, and the questionnaires which a patient will have been sent, and will have returned, before the assessment.

After the assessment Dr Cubbin will write a comprehensive ADHD assessment report. If we have the patients permission, this is sent to their GP, and and patient will receive a copy. This aims to improve a GP’s understanding of the patients condition as sometimes other healthcare providers are not fully aware of the impact ADHD may have in adulthood. If there is outstanding information that still needs gathering, completing the assessment may be delayed.

A full diagnosis, whether this confirms ADHD or any other problem, instead or as well as, is discussed in a follow up clinic. A generous amount of time is allocated to the assessment in order to make an accurate diagnosis and to ensure that there is adequate time to explain treatment options and answer all questions.

Sources of further information about the diagnosis, for a patient and their family, is provided in order to help develop an understanding of ADHD (or other diagnosis if relevant) and to assist the patient to better manage their symptoms.

Treatment is either pharmacological (medicines) or psychological (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and aims to reduce the inattentive, hyperactive and impulsive symptoms in ADHD, improve patients attitudes to, and capabilities in, managing their day to day lives and, therefore, reduce the distress caused by ADHD symptoms - all leading to an improved quality of life.

In summary an ADHD assessment includes:

  • Screening questionnaires sent out beforehand to both you and people who may be able to contribute useful information about you when younger, as well as currently.

  • A detailed interview about your problems as well as as a full psychiatric interview to identify any other problems.

  • A full ADHD interview.

  • An interview with a family member who knew you well in childhood as well as someone who knows you well now.

  • Analysis of historic school reports, if available.

  • A comprehensive ADHD assessment report, provided to you and your GP.

Dr Cubbin currently holds clinics at the Manor Hospital, Oxford, the Cardinal Clinic, Windsor as well as the Priory Wellbeing Centre in Southampton.

Assessments may be offered by skype in some cases.

How to book an assessment or appointment

If you find the information in our site useful and feel that you would benefit from a full ADHD assessment, we would be delighted to consider booking an appointment for you at one of our clinics.


A detailed breakdown of our fees for appointments and packages of care are available.

Do you need urgent help?

If you feel that you can no longer cope or feel out of control of your situation, there is help available.

About Adult ADHD Clinic

Dr Cubbin’s passion for ADHD has been developed in response to the growing understanding that this condition has been misunderstood, ignored and under-represented for too long.

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